Simplify internal communication

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The days of outdated and hard to navigate corporate Intranet is gone. The Intranets that we use today are easy-to-navigate, engaging and aesthetically pleasing. A useful Intranet is a content and collaboration platform that simplifies internal communication and engages employees to increase productivity. It ensures that all employees are up to date on the latest events and announcements in the company and they have access to information like routines, personnel manuals, documents and files readily available at all times.

So, if you wish to improve employee engagement by making information easy to find, give access to all the tools and information, and simplify internal communication, SharePoint is the best solution. You may already have an intranet or may aspire to upgrade or migrate to Office 365. Alternatively, you could be in the initial phase wherein you intend to establish a new intranet for the company. Either way, it’s smart to choose an intranet based on SharePoint. As SharePoint is part of Office 365, the intranet integrates with several other services in Office 365, including Teams.

Why intranet?

  • An interactive intranet is an excellent platform for employee engagement.
  • An intranet could be used to build the culture of the company.
  • An engaging intranet leads to better collaboration, both internal and cross-functional, works with external agencies and contractors as well.
  • An Intranet serves as a Communication platform for ideas, goals and values of a company.
  • Intranet can make information readily available and accessible to all the employees.
  • It can organise content into the searchable environment.