An employee-owned company

Karriere i Infoworker - med fokus på kompetanseheving
Karriere i Infoworker - med fokus på kompetanseheving


An employee-owned company

Focus on people

At Infoworker, our people are our most significant asset. We value our staff and always put them first. Investing in our employees is a great business opportunity for us. Over the years, we have inculcated the culture of trust, integrity and inclusion as three of our guiding principles at Infoworker. Being diverse and inclusive is our pride: our people consist of different nationalities. We have a flat structure at Infoworker; we make sure to care for each other and ensure that each one of us has a voice and everyone is heard in the company. Our commitment to equality, diversity and sustainability is absolute.

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Focus on expertise

At Infoworker, we are passionate about technology. Our competitive advantage lies with our employees who feel inspired to work with new solutions and technologies every day. As the well-known saying goes, “we learn as if we were to live forever.” Be it for the growth of our customers or our growth as a company; our central focus is always to keep ourselves updated on the latest technology. Combining innovative technology with relevant expertise of our people, we are changing the way people work by contributing to increased productivity, better collaboration and with it – a better everyday life. At Infoworker, there is always scope for exciting challenges in technology and ample opportunities for professional growth.

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Focus on the customer

At Infoworker, we are committed to empowering our customers every day. We strive to provide quality solutions to our customers with added value and competitive advantage. Infoworker collaborates with large and small companies in both the public and private sectors. With our solutions and implementations, we work towards raising our customers to the next level, always!

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Are you…

  • Passionate about new technology?
  • Solution-oriented and seek opportunities?
  • The one who stands by your colleagues when they need you?
  • Willing to grow your experience as a consultant?
  • Senior or junior? That does not matter. We care for attitude and aptitude.
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