Effective collaboration
using Microsoft Teams

Illustrasjon av intern kommunikasjon i bedriften
Illustrasjon av kommunikasjon og samhandling i bedrift

Increase productivity and collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Effective collaboration is key to successful teams and businesses. However, collaborating with people from diverse groups with a shared mission is often challenging. Too many email threads between colleagues, customers and partners; countless conversations, exchange of massive files and numerous meetings through different apps often lead to confusion and precisely the opposite of effective collaboration. Microsoft Teams is an answer to all these woes. It is a collaboration tool that collects everything you need in one place, be it the team’s chats, meetings, files and apps. It organises your business and teams to be more productive. Microsoft Teams can be used for a variety of purposes, for internal collaboration within a department or unit, as a project management tool and for increased insight and automation. It could also be used to solve internal communications across the enterprise, and for educational and social purposes.

Why Microsoft Teams?

  • Microsoft Teams is the fastest-growing collaboration solution in the market.
  • It allows increased communication between employees and partners.
  • It reduces long internal email communication threads.
  • Microsoft Teams is available on all digital platforms, including mobile.
  • Customers who have implemented Teams report increased efficiency, reduced use of e-mail and increased interaction, both internally and externally.