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Different SharePoint 2013 Search Result in different browsers by Ragnhild Baumann

Have you ever, for some reason, had problems with different results from your SharePoint Search in Firefox/Safari/Ipad? This post might help you.


The search result in IE and Chrome gives for example 12 results on my search. I search for the same thing on the iPad using Safari, but it only hits 5 results. In Firefox on my desktop it also only hits 5 results.

What I found out was, that in my case there is a language problem. If you enable «Show language dropdown» option in your search result webpart, in IE and Chrome you can choose either English or Norwegian, but in Firefox/Safari it only shows English. Nothing happens when you click on the option value in the drop down in Firefox/Safari. If you choose English in IE/Chrome it gives 5 results.

What I did to resolve this was to force the webpart to always choose Norwegian as fallback language.

How to do that?

Export your webpart, open the file, find the hidden property “DataProviderJSON”. In this property, you have a value called «FallbackLanguage». Change the value from the default «-1» to the lcid i.e.1033/1044 you want your webpart to use.

Upload your edited webpart, and now you have the same results across all mainstream browsers.